Comodo ITSM .

Safe Antivirus solution ensuring a high level of security, thanks to 7 levels of protection.

Comodo ITSM is an extremely secure Antivirus solution that provides a high level of security, thanks to 7 levels of protection. The two-way configurable Firewall module and the patented AntoSandoox module deserve a special mention. Thanks to the Automatic Sandbox, any unknown application runs in a virtualized environment without access to the physical system. This ensures high effectiveness against Ransomware / Cryptolocker infections.

Comodo ITSM  it is not only non-penetrative protection, but also an extensive management center for your network. Thanks to the WEB console on the Internet, no matter where your user is – in the next room, in another branch or at the other end of Poland, it will connect them all and give you central control over your subnets and users. Innovative modules will help you manage them, including in. by:

Comodo is also affordable licensing. As the license owner, you decide on their intended use at any time. Protect computers, servers or mobile devices (1 desktop license = 5 mobile devices) and exchange them between devices as needed. No surcharges and no unnecessary contacts with the technical support!

  • Professional remote desktop
  • Service Desk
  • Patch management
  • MDM – Antivirus protection and management of tablets and smartphones, plus an anti-thieft module
  • Device authorizations – decide for yourself which peripheral devices should be blocked

Comodo ITSM 7-level shelter

Comodo Firewall

A highly configurable firewall is responsible for packet filtering, protects against inbound and outbound threats, as well as burglars and Internet attacks.

Comodo Antivirus

Active antivirus engine that automatically detects and eliminates viruses, worms and other malware.

Automatic sandbox

Unrecognized processes and applications are automatically launched in a virtual environment isolated from the operating system.

Host Intrusion Protection System (HIPS)

Principles-based intrusion prevention system that monitors all the activities of applications and processes in the system and prevents its damage.

Virusscope (behavioral analysis)

Behavioral monitoring of all processes and entries for harmful actions can reverse malicious actions.


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