BFI Logistics

“We have been cooperating with Hakon Software since 2015, when we were still called BF International and our team consisted of 5 people, starting with an audit of the infrastructure with an indication of all its weaknesses.

In 2017, the above-mentioned The company has performed a major IT modernization for us. The Hakon company then implemented, among others a new server with a backup copy, advising at the same time on the choice of software for TSL.

For the last 7 years, Hakon Software has been a witness and companion to the development of BFI. We are supported in terms of broadly understood IT care, and we perceive the Hakon Software team as a team of experts and professionals, experienced and developing engineers. We can count on full and comprehensive IT support in the daily work of BFI, for example during the move to a new office, where Hakon Software engineers performed the entire teletechnical installation for us and provided electrical and IT support for the entire project.

All the time BFI is supported by Hakon Software, among others in well-equipped equipment, comprehensive IT care, consultation and advice in all IT and side areas. Cooperation with them gives us a sense of security and confidence that our company’s data, computers and the entire IT system are properly secured.

We are glad that Hakon Software has been supporting our company for so many years, understanding the strategy and our mission. We can recommend Hakon Software without reservations as a trustworthy and reliable partner with a great team of employees. “
Łukasz Perkowski
Chairman of the Board
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