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Organization and security remote workProtection of workstations and serversData backupNetwork and service protection

Organization and security
remote work

Contrary to appearances, remote work has the same advantages and disadvantages. Employees who perform their duties outside the office, unfortunately, are exposed to, inter alia, to the risk of losing data integrity and confidentiality. That is why it is so important to organize appropriate procedures and tools that will minimize any risk.

  • Bezpieczeństwo danych firmowych
  • Synchronizacja plików w czasie rzeczywistym

Protection of workstations and servers

This slogan is a proposal for an anti-virus protection solution. Free antivirus is not necessarily a good solution when it comes to securing a company’s servers and workstations. Protect your business against Ransomware threats and attacks with Hakon Software!

  • Wysoki poziom bezpieczeństwa
  • Wysoka skuteczność przed infekcjami typu ransomware

Data backup

At Hakon Software, we cooperate with global providers of cloud and managed services, which allows for a more complete implementation of the data protection function.
Regularly performing and testing backups of your company’s data is aimed at preventing the loss or damage of important information.

  • Zabezpieczenie Twoich danych lokalnie, w chmurze i hybrydowo
  • Obniżone koszty Twojego biznesu

Network and service protection

Do you know what a network edge is? This is the first line of defense against suspicious or malicious device infiltration. It is the optimal place to really understand what is happening in your company. Currently, the most popular method of securing the network edge is UTM.  They are multifunctional firewalls integrated in the form of a single device.

  • Bezpieczna komunikacja VPN
  • Pełny monitoring sieci oraz kontrola aplikacji i urządzeń


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