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Automation of business processes is a service related to streamlining and automating repetitive tasks of an enterprise in order to optimize and streamline its operations.
Thanks to the time gained, your company can focus on more important activities.

What is Automation
Business Processes?

Process automation is a service consisting in relieving or completely limiting human work using applications that perform repetitive tasks.
activities automatically.

Thanks to automation, the processes in the companies supported by Hakon Software have been simplified so that a short training will allow them to
efficient delivery of data to the system and minimizing the risk of error

Scope of Automation
Business Processes?

What processes can be automated?
Automation of business processes allows you to automate various processes, including those related to personnel management, sales and customer service, finance, accounting, marketing, as well as production, logistics and laboratories.

Automated processes speed up lab work and results. We also offer training in the field of process automation, strictly aimed at the needs of our client.

What is RPA?

RPA – Robotic Process Automation is a technology that makes it possible
automation of repetitive, rule-based tasks in business processes
using software and bots:

  • It consists in creating virtual robots (bots),
  • It is used in many industries and fields,
  • It helps to increase efficiency and improve the quality of work,
  • It helps to reduce costs and shorten the time of performing daily tasks.
  • It does not require changes in the system infrastructure or integration with existing applications.

Is RPA the same as BPA?

RPA is not the same as business process automation (BPA).
RPA is one tool that can be used within the framework
broader automation strategies such as BPM (Business Process
Management) or integration with other technologies such as AI and ML in order to
achieve greater benefits

Can you combine BPA with RPA?

Of course! Robotic process automation is a combination
robotization of processes with automation of business processes . Thanks to this
enterprises can effectively optimize their processes, increase
efficiency and reduce costs

We will improve the work
in your company!

Think about what tasks you repeat every day and contact us
with us! We will automate processes in your company, and you
you will gain hours that you can spend on other goals!

Automation of Business Processes
in a few steps

Benefits of Automation
Business Processes?

  • implementation of IT technologies and tools that allow to replace or improve repetitive activities performed by people.
  • increasing efficiency, optimizing processes and improving workflow
  • replacing repetitive activities performed by people with technological solutions. automated
  • managing business processes and gaining extra hours for other tasks.

Automation of business processes is crucial for effective management and optimization of company operations. Thanks to the use of RPA solutions and automated processes, organizations can streamline business processes and increase work efficiency.


Why Hakon?

  • over 15 years of experience in the IT market
  • a team of qualified engineers and implementers
  • implementation and integration experience
  • the products we use are successfully implemented
  • established partner position

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