Organization and  security in remote work.

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Regardless of where you are, you can perform your job tasks alone and / or together with your colleagues. Everything will be provided by the Microsoft Teams application and the Microsoft 365 platform. All you need is an Internet connection to effectively use the files and functions provided by Microsoft. You can be sure that your work is safe and efficient.

Microsoft Teams

Hybrid work, collaboration with employees, access to company files – all in one place thanks to the Microsoft Teams application. In  Teams, you can access  Word documents, PowerPoint presentations, and  Excel spreadsheets, share them  and  edit together with  others in  real time.

  • Chat
  • Teams and channels
  • Calendar
  • Apps

Microsoft 365 platform

Provides flexibility to work anywhere, anytime. With Microsoft 365 you can work on any device. You just need to sign in to your Microsoft account. You can save all files in the cloud, thanks to which you have:

  • access to your data and files wherever you want,
  • the ability to make changes and reply to messages and comments,
  • the ability to co-create and work on files at the same time,
  • the ability to act in real time with colleagues.


Why Hakon?

  • over 15 years of experience in the IT market
  • a team of qualified engineers and implementers
  • implementation and integration experience
  • the products we use are successfully implemented
  • established partner position

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