Laboratory industry

The work of a modern laboratory to a large extent depends on efficiently operating computerized systems. We help in maintaining a number of certificates from the IT systems side, including: PCA, GMP, as well as successfully passing the US FDA inspection.

Hakon Software has many years of experience in comprehensive service of accredited research laboratories located in Central and Eastern Europe, providing a wide range of specialized services, i.e. laboratory analyzes of food, cosmetics and household chemicals, pharmaceuticals, packaging and industrial products, liquid and solid fuels and chemicals, environmental samples (water, sewage, waste, soil, etc.) and development of environmental documentation.

We can recommend Hakon Software as a reliable contractor of IT projects, with  with particular emphasis on the knowledge of the functioning of systems supporting the work of analytical laboratories and  consumer.

Logistics and transport industry

Regardless of what logistics support system your company uses, we can take over comprehensive care of your IT needs. Our strengths are a solid engineering base supported by competences in the field of modern IT environments. We perfectly understand the importance of a fast and secure flow of information in a modern supply chain.

Hakon Software supports logistics companies operating in the field of national and international road transport in the field of IT . Due to the dynamic development of these organizations, we have extensive experience both in the technical areas of operation of a modern logistics company and in the area of information flow organization.

All the time BFI is supported by Hakon Software, among others in the selection of equipment, comprehensive IT care, consulting and advisory services in all IT and side areas. Cooperation with them gives us a sense of security and confidence that our company’s data, computers and the entire IT system are properly secured.

Medical industry

Keeping medical records in electronic form requires the most stable and secure IT environment. Efficient patient service and convenient tools for staff will allow you to focus on the most important aspects of the treatment process.

In the course of our activity, we got to know dozens of EDM solutions existing on our market.

Hakon Software will help your company maintain stable operation of your EDM system ! We advise on the selection of the right solution, regardless of whether you run an Individual Medical Practice or a large clinic with settlements with the National Health Fund.

We value Hakon Software for a professional and simple approach to the client. In the case of interventions or everyday work, Hakon Software engineers try to explain and convey knowledge and help in the clearest and most clear way. Invariably, for 15 years, we have been satisfied with IT services and recommend cooperation with Hakon Software as a reliable and trusted partner.  

Automotive branch

A stable and safe IT environment, prepared for changing environmental conditions, enables efficient work of your service, sales and sales team. Automotive companies under the supervision of our specialists can focus on their most important business tasks.

Hakon Software actively supports the development of authorized representative offices of dealers from well-known global brands ! We prepare and maintain a reliable infrastructure for the efficient functioning of dealers based on DMS, HM, FK and KP systems.

We have competences in the field of Access Control systems, Work Time Registration, Video Monitoring and Alarm Systems confirmed by training certificates.

Hakon Software has been actively involved in the development of our company for 20 years. Every day, Hakon Software supports us in comprehensive IT services, implements new financial and management systems, ensures integration and secure data transfer between showrooms in several cities. They understand our company’s mission and strategy.  We trust Hakon Software and consider it a reliable partner, as evidenced by the period of cooperation .

Educational industry

The efficient functioning of a modern university is extremely important, especially in terms of IT. In recent years, work and distance learning have become a common phenomenon. Many schools and universities had to provide IT support for teaching staff and students very quickly.

Hakon Software has experience in supporting schools and universities, including in the field of design and implementation of MS Teams and Office 365 solutions, in the field of network security, systems dedicated to universities or the design and implementation of WIFI infrastructure.

Consulting, designing and implementing solutions in the field of Wi-Fi infrastructure as well as network and data security are only some of the services that have been implemented at our university. On a daily basis, Hakon Software maintains the network and server environment, provides analysis and advice on the solutions provided to us, supervises the implemented Office 365 solutions or systems dedicated to universities in the entire SSW.

Cosmetic industry

Regardless of the type of services you offer to your clients, Hakon Software will adapt IT care to the needs of your company. An individual approach is a unique feature of Hakon Software. This is confirmed by the opinions of our customers. An experienced team of engineers and the diversity of Hakon Software’s clients allow us to confidently take on new business challenges, while ensuring the high quality of our solutions.

The Hakon Software company performs the tasks entrusted to it reliably, caring for  timeliness, diligence and  high quality of the work performed. We positively evaluate the cooperation with  its employees who  show high professionalism, responsibility, flexibility and  respond quickly to  our needs and  suggestions.

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