IT system security audit.

Let us look at your company from the perspective of a burglar.

By choosing this service, you will allow us to look at your company from the perspective of a burglar and present you the problems documented in the final report along with suggestions. An IT system security audit is a supervised verification of your company’s IT system in terms of vulnerability to hacking.

Scan type

Our engineers carry out a scan of a selected area of your company from outside and / or inside the network. You will decide on the analysis of the security status, vulnerability and resistance to attempts to break the system’s security. By choosing this service, you will allow us to look at your company from the perspective of a burglar and present you the problems documented in the final report along with suggestions.


Scanning the network as seen “from inside” by employees / visitors. Such a scan requires the consent of the Chief Administrator of the local network or the Management Board.


Scanning your network from the outside as seen from the “Internet” by people / external systems. Such a scan requires the consent of the Management Board and the person assigned to the IP address in the RIPE register.

Types of scan

Standard analysis

This is an analysis based on the information gathered during the network scan. We take into account almost all weaknesses of the system, and the test is carried out in such a way that the risk of failure is as low as possible. The identification of the system’s intrusion vulnerability is automatically optimized to keep false positives as low as possible. For many companies, it is a reasonable proposition that, on the one hand, minimizes the risk of failure during an audit, and on the other, allows you to reliably check the actual state of vulnerability to a burglar attack.

Intensive / aggressive analysis

This analysis extends the configuration of Standard Analysis to test for vulnerabilities that may disrupt the operation of services or systems, and even cause their shutdown or damage. We do this in close consultation with engineers and users responsible for systems in your company.

Network inventory

In this configuration, we only use vulnerability tests that allow us to identify the tested system. We do not detect specific vulnerabilities, but we collect information on open ports, hardware solutions, firewall, used services, installed software and certificates. In other words, it is an inventory of systems in the network through the eye of the scanner.

The course of the IT audit


Information on risks, signing the NDA, obtaining the necessary approvals.


Selecting the area of your company that is to be reviewed.


Using the appropriate tools, our engineers will perform the scan.


Receipt of a report with a list of vulnerabilities with recommendations.


Your engineers will take care of it
implementation of recommendations and corrections.


Retry the scan to verify corrective actions.

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Frequently asked questions

Does my company need IT outsourcing?

If you want to reduce costs, time and business continuity of your business, this service is for you. IT care will ensure the continuity of work in terms of IT, without worrying about the full-time job, holidays and sick leave of an IT employee in your company.

What does the basic package of Hakon Software’s IT maintenance service include?

The basic package of IT outsourcing services includes an initial audit and corrective action tips, a 5-hour service package, a monthly remote server inspection with backup verification, SOS support via an encrypted connection, 24/7 monitoring of server and internet connection parameters.

How can you be sure how many hours have been spent on IT services?

The customer receives a report of the work performed each month and information on the state of the IT infrastructure with each invoice. Depending on the needs, we can report in detail on the state of the application, hardware, data security, warranty, replacement hardware access and license usage.

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