Document circulation audit .

Check if the circulation of documents in your company is correct.

The world after the pandemic has completely changed its digital face and the expectation of an efficient,
electronic service has become not a distinguishing feature, but the basic functioning of companies that want to develop on the market.
Many processes have undergone a digital transformation and are conducted only electronically, but are they really and properly?

If you have implemented electronic document flow in your company, it means that you follow the changes and legal requirements in this area. However, you are probably wondering whether the electronic circulation of documents can be improved in relation to what you received as part of the implementation. And rightly that you have doubts, because you can always achieve better results, but for this you need an accurate diagnosis of problems,  processes and tools. What you need is an objective view of your EOD.

Document circulation audit allows you to:

conducting an in-depth analysis of the current document flow, including checking the level of implementation of the electronic system in your company,

diagnosing existing problems,

selection of appropriate improvements in the field of processes, activities and tools in order to increase the efficiency of your team’s work and generate financial savings on process optimization.

You are curious at what level of implementation
EOD is your company located?

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Choose an EOD audit service.

Document circulation audit based on ISO 27001

As Hakon Software, we will look at your problems from a new perspective and match the best solution.
We will help you focus on the development of your company, not on performing repetitive activities related to the entire documentation process in your office.
Hakon Software’s IT services are based on the ISO 27001 security policy. Therefore, you can be sure that the conducted audit will take place with full protection of your data. We provide IT services not only in the Tri-City, but also throughout Poland.

EOD audit process


Signing a confidentiality agreement, the so-called NDA and for the implementation of the task.


Carrying out a detailed interview.


Selecting any area of your business that is to be screened.


Based on the interview, Hakon engineers prepare a schedule of audit activities.


Audit commencement.


Completion of the audit and submission of the report along with the developed recommendations for improvements

Thanks to the Document Workflow Audit , you will gain:

ensuring the proper implementation of processes in your company,
confirmation of preparation for the requirements of the act on electronic deliveries,


a starting point for introducing changes to the currently functioning document flow,
preparing the company for e-delivery,
introducing improvements in the company’s document flow and savings resulting from computerization and process optimization.

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Frequently asked questions

Will every company conduct a document flow audit in the same way?

The document flow audit does not have any imposed procedures to carry it out. The scope of the audit is decided by the ordering party and may include both the analysis of the electronic flow of documents as well as the processes still carried out in the paper flow. On the other hand, the high quality of the order is determined by the knowledge and experience of independent auditors from the company conducting the audit.

Why is it worth commissioning an audit of document circulation?

Even perceived problems at the company level are not fully diagnosed correctly, because the internal view is always subjective. A new, objective assessment and diagnosis can only be obtained through external verification. In addition to help in solving current problems that your company is struggling with, you also receive support in optimizing the ongoing processes. Implementation of the audit recommendations will allow you to work more effectively, efficiently and deal with the development of the company, and not spend time and energy on the wrong flow of information and documents.

What is the time and cost of the audit?

The time necessary to carry out the audit depends on the scope of its implementation, so we can indicate it only after the client has defined his expectations. Similarly, when it comes to making a valuation for its implementation. Therefore, it is best to use our contact form to provide details and obtain additional information from us.

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