Laboratory process automation .

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For over 15 years, Hakon Software has been supporting accredited research laboratories located in Central and Eastern Europe providing a wide range of specialized services, i.e. laboratory analyzes of food, cosmetics and household chemicals, pharmaceuticals, packaging and industrial products, liquid and solid fuels and chemicals, environmental samples (water, sewage, waste, soil, etc.) and development of environmental documentation. We know the laboratory equipment and we understand the needs of our customers!

Process automation

Laboratory equipment has never been so intuitive to use!
Process automation is a service consisting in relieving or completely limiting human work using applications that perform repetitive activities automatically. Thanks to automation , the processes in the laboratories operated by Hakon Software have been simplified so that a short training session allows for efficient delivery of data to the system and minimizes the risk of error. First of all, automated processes speed up lab work and results. We also offer training in the field of process automation , strictly aimed at the needs of our client.

Accreditations and certificates

For years, we have been supporting our clients in obtaining and maintaining international laboratory certificates.

We help in obtaining a number of certificates from the IT systems, including: PCA, GMP, as well as successfully passing the US FDA inspection.

We systematically participate in training on the maintenance and validation of computerized systems. We are familiar with and support our Clients on a daily basis in servicing most of the leading computerized systems present in Europe.

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processing time can be shortened
samples by at least 50%?!

Process Automation

solution that will speed up
research process in your laboratory

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