Xopero ONE Backup and Recovery ALL-in-ONE solution that will secure your physical, virtual, cloud and SaaS applications.

Xopero ONE Backup and Recovery An ALL-in-ONE solution that will secure your physical, virtual, cloud and SaaS environments. Enterprise-class security doesn’t have to be complicated. Now you can easily secure exactly what you want, wherever you want – locally, in the cloud, hybrid.

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Reliable backup endpoint

Accidental incident, human error, hardware damage, cyber attack … all these situations can make you and your employees lose access to data from end devices and the effect of your work. Don’t think “what if …” – be sure your data is protected, accessible and recoverable from any point in time.

Protect your computers

Super-fast backup

Efficiently secure an infinite number of end devices. Create a backup policy that will increase the efficiency of creating copies, reduce time and space consumption. Secure devices against any possible error, attack or disaster.

Backup efficiency

Use a wide range of functionalities that will allow you to freely configure the backup policy, accelerate backups and limit space consumption. Take advantage of the option of easily securing an unlimited number of devices.

Disaster recovery and data recovery

The most effective Disaster Recovery technologies included – at no extra cost. Secure and, if necessary, restore data immediately, keep RTO levels low, and be free from downtime.

Simple management

What is the difference between securing one device and protecting an unlimited number of endpoints? Like. Using even the most advanced functionalities has never been so easy.

Unlimited scalability

Easily add additional endpoints to your security or data stores if you need more space – yes, to infinity. Thanks to flexible licensing, our solution grows with your business, providing enterprise-class functionality at reasonable prices.

Data safety

We do not only provide backup and disaster recovery solutions. Our technology guarantees the security of your data.

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Backup of servers

Your company’s servers store the most valuable data – have you wondered how long your business will survive in the face of lack of access to the system and key data? Forget about this scenario. Xopero ONE will effectively protect its physical environment and ensure business continuity.

Reliable copy of your servers

Cross – platform backup agent

Backup Agent can be installed on Windows, Linus and macOS devices. The service can be run on most arrays or directly in the cloud.

Disaster recovery

Efficiently recover your data even when the disk is encrypted or compressed.

PRE-, POST- and POST Snapshot scripts

Run scripts before, during and after a backup task to keep full control over the backup process and adapt it to your needs.

Database backup

Secure the most popular databases including MS SQL, MySQL and more

Mass implementation

Instantly install a backup agent on dozens or even hundreds of devices – as simple as on just a few.


Backup window, mass deployment, management from the level of plans and devices and more amenities for large infrastructures – safely scale your business.

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Microsoft 365 Backup

Secure the data of the entire Microsoft 365 suite locally or in the cloud – with the most intuitive management panel on the market. Take advantage of unlimited retention, regular playback, advanced search. Store data for as long as you need it and, if necessary, search for specific data for recovery or restore all – from any point in time.

Protect important correspondence and files

Protection in 3 steps

Add an organization, select users and data to be secured. Assign them to a predefined backup plan or create your own. It couldn’t be easier.

Any storage

Choose where you want to store your Microsoft 365 data. Local resources, NAS, cloud (including AWS and Azure), or several locations – choose yours.

Recover what you want

Restore all data or take advantage of the possibility of regular recovery of selected files, folders, e-mails and documents – from any point in time.

Unlimited retention

Keep copies for as long as you like. Thanks to various retention schemes (FIFO, GFS, Forever Incremental) you have an influence on the number, time and size of stored copies.

Backups …

… all the data. Exchange, Outlook, OneDrive, Calendar, then SharePoint and Teams – keep all your Microsoft 365 (formerly Office 365) data safe.

Advanced search

Easily browse your data – filter by folder names, users, dates, email titles and select exactly the data you want to restore.

Encrypted backup

Your data is encrypted by us using the AES algorithm – even if they fall into the wrong hands, no one will be able to read them.

Cross-user recovery

Restore data to its original location or to another user’s account and manage the change in your organization more easily.

Saving your warehouse

We respect your storage – thanks to compression as well as incremental and differential backups, backup is fast, takes up less space and has no impact on current work.

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VMware backup

Protection of virtual environments does not have to be costly or complicated. Xopero ONE Backup & Recovery for VMware vSphere is distinguished by its simplicity, economy and reliability, effectively securing even the most demanding virtual and hybrid environments.

Secure physical servers

Reliable VMware backup

Reduce the cost and effort of managing data security. Set up a backup plan for your virtual machines and ESXi hosts in just a few minutes and focus on other responsibilities. Get peace of mind and guarantee the security of your virtual environment.

Backup efficiency

Use a wide range of enterprise-class functions that will allow you to freely configure the backup policy, accelerate backups and reduce space consumption. You can easily secure even the most numerous and complex virtual or hybrid infrastructure.

Instant data recovery

Virtualization is a key part of modern IT infrastructures – it optimizes the use of resources, increases the flexibility of the company and increases the efficiency of processes. Just like Xopero ONE Backup & Recovery. We ensure availability and fast data recovery in your virtual environment, so you can resume IT operations in minutes.

Simple management

The web-based central management console with the most user-friendly interface on the market, integration with vSphere, quick configuration of backup policies and simple monitoring make it easy to manage the data security of hundreds of virtual machines.

The highest level of security

We do not only provide backup and disaster recovery solutions for your VMware environment. Our technology guarantees the security of your data, protection against unauthorized access, business continuity and resistance to the effects of any possible failure.

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