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What is a UTM device?

Unified Threat Management (UTM) firewall is a combination of multiple security measures on one device. Thanks to UTM, network users are protected with various functions such as anti-virus protection, content filtering, e-mail filtering, website filtering, anti-spam filtering etc. Pay attention to the functionality of the UTM. In the form of one device, it monitors network traffic in real time and provides comprehensive protection against hacker attacks. Importantly, its multi-functional firewalls are also applicable to small and medium-sized enterprises.

Unified Threat Management increases work efficiency and allows IT security functions to be compressed in one device , which ensures local network protection. Thanks to this, your company can monitor all security threats and activities from one monitoring station. This way, you get a complete, simplified view of all elements of your security or wireless network architecture.

UTM devices come with anti-virus software that can monitor the network and detect viruses and prevent damage to the system or connected devices . This is done by using the information contained in the signature databases, which are saved virus profiles, to check if any of them is active or is trying to access the system.

Products available


Stormshield solutions

STORMSHIELD solutions protect approximately 1,900 Polish organizations, including 900 companies, 800 state institutions, 120 school institutions and 100 medical institutions.
The distinguishing feature of STORMSHIELD solutions is the integration of the Stateful Inspection Firewall with the IPS (Intrusion Prevention System) module at the operating system kernel level. Such a deep integration of two key modules allows for high efficiency during the analysis of the entire package, including its header and content. In this way, STORMSHIELD devices meet the two most important expectations of customers – they effectively eliminate dangerous traffic and ensure high scanning efficiency.

  • Opatentowana technologia wykrywania zagrożeń
  • Kontrola ruchu szyfrowanego

Fortinet solutions

Fortinet offers several solutions to provide businesses with the protection they need from UTM. FortiGate is an NGFW that has all the features of UTM. FortiGate has anti-malware features that allow you to scan network traffic – both incoming and outgoing – for suspicious files. In addition, Fortinet UTM is equipped with IPS , which protects the network from attackers who try to enter the network. If a malicious component tries to exploit a vulnerability, FortiGate IPS can detect the intrusive activity and stop it.

FortiGate also comes with data leakage prevention software to detect potential injuries and extraction attempts. FortiGate monitors network activity and, if it detects a data leak, locks it and protects confidential data. These safeguards can protect data on endpoints, network traffic, and storage devices.

  • Elastyczność i zdolność adaptacji
  • Centralna integracja i zarządzanie
  • Zwiększona świadomość użytkownika na temat zagrożeń bezpieczeństwo 
  • Opłacalność


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