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Back up your data and secure your physical environment – in the cloud or locally to keep your business running.

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At Hakon Software, we cooperate with global providers of cloud and managed services , which allows for a more complete implementation of the data protection function. Regularly performing and testing backups / backups of your company’s data is aimed at preventing the loss or damage of important information, and then restoring and recovering data.
Regular data backup will allow you to rest easy and in the event of hardware failure, errors, attacks or catastrophes you can be sure that your company will not lose valuable information. With backup, secure your physical environment – in the cloud or on-premises to ensure business continuity .

How do data security programs work? They mirror the state of the system along with the data and store it on other media for a specified period of time. Your company data stays in place, but its encrypted backup is placed elsewhere. There are free basic backup programs that protect individual files from being accidentally deleted. However, your business needs professional support. Hakon Software offers the best backup and backup software for businesses.



ALL-in-ONE solution that will secure your physical, virtual, cloud and SaaS applications. Enterprise-class security doesn’t have to be complicated. Now you can easily secure exactly what you want, wherever you want – locally, in the cloud, hybrid .

  • Prosty w użyciu backup laptopów i stacji roboczych Windows, Mac, Linux. 
  • Kompleksowe zabezpieczenie środowiska VMware
  • Obsługa wielu systemów (np. system operacyjny Windows 10)
  • Tworzenie kopii zapasowych
  • Zabezpieczenie kopii zapasowej


Achieve business goals while reducing costs and complexity.
Veeam is a comprehensive platform that offers data backup and the ability to manage data in a cloud, virtual and physical environment. The program allows you to take care of business efficiency. Create backups. Learn about ransomware attack prevention, detection, and recovery.

  • Rozszerzone możliwości względem opcji bezpłatnej
  • Wsparcie techniczne producenta 24/7
  • Archiwizacja danych
  • Zabezpieczone kopie zapasowe całego systemu i całych dysków


Why Hakon?

  • over 15 years of experience in the IT market
  • a team of qualified engineers and implementers
  • implementation and integration experience
  • the products we use are successfully implemented
  • established partner position

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