IT outsourcing.

We guarantee an individual approach to your business.

At Hakon, we guarantee a unique approach and IT support from a dedicated team of IT specialists.
As part of IT outsourcing, we offer remote user support as well as service of company computer equipment.
For each task, we select qualified engineers with the necessary experience to perform the entrusted works.

Remote supportSLA agreementKnowledge and experienceStaff availability

Remote support

Thanks to the remote support service, we are able to see and assess a failure on a given device from anywhere. It is not only a huge facilitation of the service and client’s work, but also a quick intervention that allows you to diagnose where the problem lies and how to solve it.

SLA agreement

A guaranteed service agreement in the form of an SLA, which precisely defines the framework of our cooperation, defines service times and  the maximum time to rectify the fault, a  also specifies communication channels and  priorities for the performance of activities. Such a contract is cost-predictable, and you  you avoid the hassle of  the availability of IT, or the limitations related to  holidays or  diseases.

Knowledge and experience

Hakon Software is primarily a team of specialists and engineers. Our clients can count on professional IT service based on knowledge and experience. We work every day on the basis of confidential and sensitive data, and since 2018 we operate in accordance with the international ISO 27001 standard. 

Staff availability

By choosing comprehensive IT support, you can be sure that you will always receive IT support from our engineers. The printer refused to obey, the system stopped working, and your IT specialist is on vacation and on vacation abroad? Stop worrying about employment, holidays, sick leave and trust the Hakon Software team today!

IT outsourcing for companies

The success of our clients is our success!

In outsourcing IT services, certain areas can be standardized and some require an individual approach. Each company is different and therefore unique.
Our comprehensive IT service is tailored to the client and his business strategy. From the very beginning of our cooperation, we try to get to know your mission and company development plans in order to provide services at the highest level, supporting your company.

We provide IT outsourcing in a full or partial variant. The best form of long-term cooperation is  guaranteed service contract in  SLA form , which  defines its framework, determines service times and  the maximum time to rectify the fault, a  also specifies communication channels and  priorities for the performance of activities. Such an agreement is cost-predictable and  we avoid the hassle of  IT availability, no  has  also limitations associated with  holidays or  diseases. In  under such an agreement, we are guaranteed the support of a team of specialists and  readiness to  implementation of additional projects i  orders.
A contract for  support for individual support lines, such as  first line that  will provide end-user support and  helpdesk;  the second line that  will ensure the continuity of operation of common systems, and  service desk i  third line which  will provide care for producers in  case of amendments and  critical errors.

Partial IT support

Partial takeover over  IT area means the separation of specific areas of responsibility for  IT infrastructure, clearly identifying the persons or entities responsible for  individual services i  systems and  conclusion of care contracts preferably in  SLA variant, which  guarantees an appropriate level of service.
In  under partial outsourcing, it is possible to separate care over  individual IT areas, such as  end devices (computers, smartphones, tablets, printers), servers and  services, networks and  security.

Comprehensive IT service

Complete takeover of the care of  the area of IT lies in  handing over to  our company has all the competences of the IT department. In  in this scenario, we are your IT specialist, but  cooperation with  IT department is implemented in  B2B form.

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Frequently asked questions

Does my company need IT outsourcing?

If you want to reduce costs, time and business continuity of your business, this service is for you. IT care will ensure the continuity of work in terms of IT, without worrying about the full-time job, holidays and sick leave of an IT employee in your company.

What does the basic package of Hakon Software’s IT maintenance service include?

The basic package of IT outsourcing services includes an initial audit and corrective action tips, a 5-hour service package, a monthly remote server inspection with backup verification, SOS support via an encrypted connection, 24/7 monitoring of server and internet connection parameters.

How can you be sure how many hours have been spent on IT services?

The customer receives a report of the work performed each month and information on the state of the IT infrastructure with each invoice. Depending on the needs, we can report in detail on the state of the application, hardware, data security, warranty, replacement hardware access and license usage.

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At Hakon Software  we believe that achieving success is easier with the support of trusted partners. We work closely with leading technology and IT security companies. We also do not forget about supporting sports and cultural initiatives.

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