We implement the system from scratch
We increase the efficiency of already completed implementations
We help to implement the system where others have failed

Did you know you can store i  archive invoices and related documents
only in  electronically, without having to store them on paper?

We have the perfect tool for your company:

  • meeting legal requirements for storage and efficient access to invoices,
  • integrating with over 40 accounting systems and via API,
  • integrated with the National e-Invoice System (KSeF),
  • allowing for efficient entering of up to 50 invoices at the same time,
  • automatically reading data from invoices using OCR up to 100% of the required items,
  • enabling verification as part of the electronic document flow tailored to the individual needs of your company,
  • with an advanced search engine and filters to easily find any document in the system,
  • electronic archiving of invoices with 24/7 access,
  • enabling access to the system and data only according to the permissions granted,
  • with an intuitive interface.

Why is it worth implementing Saldeo SMART with Hakon Software?

We have experience
in creating a variety
electronic document workflows

We share our know-how
with you and your employees

We implement projects effectively
and at a high level of quality

The solution we implement is tailored to the needs of accounting offices and companies.
With us you can regain your time, money, space and energy. It’s all up to you!

What does the implementation look like?

  • We carry out a pre-implementation analysis in terms of your company’s needs.
  • We form a design team and a support team.
  • We define the scope of implementation, identify the main goal and specific goals of the project.
  • We set milestones and implementation roadmaps.
  • We develop electronic document flows, types of documents, user groups and define permissions for individual users.
  • We carry out the implementation completely tailored to your individual needs.


Why Hakon?

  • over 15 years of experience in the IT market
  • a team of qualified engineers and implementers
  • implementation and integration experience
  • the products we use are successfully implemented
  • established partner position

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