Document workflow

With us you will effectively implement EOD in your company!

Tired of the pile of paper documents on your desk? Are you wondering how to prepare your company for KSeF? Do you dream of an efficient flow of information and quick access to your company’s financial data? This solution implemented by us is just for you!

As a Partner, we offer the implementation of a system with Electronic Circulation of Documents (EOD), which is integrated with over 40 accounting programs available on the market as well as has the ability to integrate with any accounting program via API, allows for quick and efficient entry of documents, automatically reads data from invoices, allows you to set permissions for specific users, and guarantees you quick access to financial data, thanks to which you can make the right business decisions and manage your company better.

Document workflow

Thanks to the implementation of the solution we propose, you can save:

  • time (you will quickly and efficiently enter data into the system and read them using effective OCR),
  • money (by moving away from paper documents and automating work, you will speed up processes and save your company’s resources),
  • space (you will get rid of more binders and cabinets for storing documents),
  • energy (you will stop wasting your energy on finding relevant financial information).

Why is it worth implementing electronic document flow with Hakon Software?
We provide a tool that is a proven solution on the market and we have an experienced implementation team that:

Efficiently prepares the EOD

tailored to your business needs

In a short period of time

will implement a new solution

Customize your company

to changes related to the implementation of the NFS

It will grant permissions

employees only to data,
to which they should have access

The EOD implemented by us is configured individually for your company!

Electronic Document Circulation

By using one tool you will gain:

  • efficient entry of financial documents into the system,
  • automatic reading of data from invoices received by the company,
  • quick process of substantive and formal and accounting verification,
  • easy payment generation,
  • issuing sales invoices and sending them to KSeF,
  • creating reports that enable making important business decisions,
  • HR management and settlement of employee advance payments,
  • full access to archived documents.

Efficient export

to the accounting program


available immediately

Electronic archive

24/7 with an advanced search engine


reading documents

Custom document types

tailored to your needs

Easier assignment

Do you care about the development of your company by improving work and implementing new solutions as well as adapting the company to changing legal regulations, including those related to KSeF?

Document workflow 
Implementation scope

  • Launching a quick process of scanning or adding a large number of invoices to the system via e-mails and automatically uploading data.
  • Introduction of electronic document circulation for each type of invoices/accounting documents, enabling the required approval process.
  • Creating ready documents for export to the accounting program integrated with the system.
  • Conducting only electronic flow of documents based on permissions granted to both user groups and individual users.
  • Optimization of the document circulation process in the company.
  • Generated reports and summaries to facilitate company management.
  • and a lot more…

Electronic Document Circulation
in a few steps

What does the implementation process look like
Electronic Document Circulation ?

  • Analysis of the organization’s needs – at the beginning of the process, it is worth conducting a detailed analysis of the organization’s needs and identifying areas where the introduction of electronic document circulation will bring the greatest benefits.
  • System implementation – The implementation of the system is based on the real needs of the company and with the involvement of the implementation team. As part of the implementation, training for users is also planned
  • Process optimization – Process optimization takes place at the implementation stage and is important to improve the flow of documents in the company and implement the optimized process within the system.
  • Monitoring and improvement – the implementation of electronic document flow is the first step in streamlining processes in the company. This process can be successfully extended in terms of further functionalities and, as a result, achieve success also at the level of work organization.


Why Hakon?

  • over 15 years of experience in the IT market
  • a team of qualified engineers and implementers
  • implementation and integration experience
  • the products we use are successfully implemented
  • established partner position

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