“Non-public Institution of Healthcare The GorisMed Imaging Diagnostics Institute, Rzepecka-Wejs i Partnerzy, was established on October 1, 2000. At GorisMed we deal with imaging diagnostics in the field of mammography, classical radiology, ultrasound and ultrasound-guided fine and core needle biopsies.

Our entire work is based on the operation of computerized devices, from performing tests on modern digital equipment supported by various computer applications, through the development of these tests and the preparation of descriptions in special computer programs to print the results and record these tests on a medium (CD, USB flash drive). For these reasons, the efficiency and effectiveness of all our devices are so important, while taking into account the security of our facility and patient data.

Hakon Software has been our partner in the field of IT care since 2007. Every day they take care of our server infrastructure, computers and other IT equipment. Hakon Software provides us with support in the form of comprehensive outsourcing
IT and incl. implements new server units, manages the back-up, carries out many teletechnical works, including assembly and arming of rack cabinets or repair and modernization of the alarm system.

We value Hakon Software for a professional and at the same time simple approach to the customer. Hakon Software engineers try to explain and convey the knowledge we need in the simplest possible way, both in the case of interventions or everyday service work. Invariably, for 15 years, we have been satisfied with IT services and recommend cooperation with Hakon Software as a reliable and trusted partner. “
Grzegorz Szczypiór
Head of NZOZ Department of Imaging Diagnostics GorisMed Radiologists Rzepecka-Wejs i Partnerzy
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