Atlanta Poland S.A.

“Hakon Software has been our partner in the field of broadly understood IT care since 2007. Atlanta Poland SA has two production plants in Gdańsk and Włocławek, where it processes its products. Each of the plants is equipped with modern production lines. Continuous investments in the machinery park mean that we constantly increase the competitiveness of our products on the market. The production process at each stage is carefully and reliably controlled by our specialists. Hakon Software supports us in this process every day, ensuring a sense of security, not only thanks to the introduced network or data security, but above all, thanks to professionalism and experience.

Hakon Software provides us with consultation and support in current IT matters. We can count on full and comprehensive IT support in the daily work of our company. Together with Hakon Software, we implement projects related to the development of our company throughout Poland. We receive support in solving problems and in contact with the manufacturer, among others customs, logistics or accounting and HR systems. Professional help and expert knowledge of Hakon Software engineers distinguishes them from other companies dealing with IT outsourcing. “
Piotr Bieliński
Chairman of the Board
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