Destruction of HDDs and SSDs.

We permanently delete your company’s confidential data intended for destruction!

With the rapid proliferation of digital data carriers and increasing demands on information security, a change was needed.

The new DIN 66399 standard fully takes into account the current situation and the needs related to it. According to the new standard, the requirement of data protection is divided into three classes.

The data type is controlled to determine the requirements of how it is protected in the company. This indicates what media destruction methods are required for a given data type.

Protection class 1

standard data protection. Documents available for larger groups of people. For example, ordinary company documents that are publicly available

Destruction rate H3

Media mechanically / electronically damaged and deformed

Protection class 2

increased need to protect confidential data. Documents available for narrow groups of people. E.g. balance sheets, reports, payroll statements, tender decrementation, tax documents, medical documentation, etc.

Destruction rate H5

Medium mechanically / electronically damaged, deformed and repeatedly cut,
shredding area maximum 320 mm2

Protection class 3

a very high need to protect confidential and secret data, the disclosure of which could have serious consequences for the company. For example, strategic documents of the company, development plans, process documentation, military documentation, etc.

Destruction rate H7

Medium mechanically / electronically damaged, deformed and repeatedly cut,
shredding area maximum 5 mm2

What will keep your data safe?


collection of information carriers intended for destruction is carried out in secure containers


deletion of information from hard drives is performed using the hardware method, i.e. hard drives are subjected to mechanical destruction in shredders that meet the requirements of DIN 66399


each customer receives a certificate confirming the destruction of the carrier in accordance with the DIN 66399 standard

Transparency and process control

constant supervision and electronic documentation containing serial numbers of shredded hard drives

Profitability and ecology

economical and environmentally safe solution

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Hakon Software, we have implemented internal procedures and mechanisms to provide services at the highest level of security. We work virtually every day on the basis of confidential and sensitive data, which is why we operate in accordance with the international ISO 27001 standard. Thanks to this, companies cooperating with us can be sure that potential risks are minimized and that our specialists operate in accordance with high standards.

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